Video Integration

I’ve got video – so now what? Using YouTube for social networking and as a tease to drive traffic to your site is fine, but once your target audience is on your site – how do you display the video?

With multiple platforms like televisions that play content from the internet in HD, home-based PCs, tablets like iPad, and mobile devices from Android, Blackberry and iPhone, the demands on video have never been greater or more difficult to deliver.

You need a video delivery system that can accept your edited master and automatically create versions that support every user platform.

A separate video server and custom video player provides your users with a professional, seamless experience. The player will automatically sense if the user is on DSL or cable, if they are on iPad or Android and delivery the proper video stream.

You can even take this further. If your site supports advertising and you need to monetize the player, it can be configured to play pre-roll commercials and have companion ads – all IAB compliant.

So whether you have a need for a single simple player, or an extreme player, like that built for RV Buddies – there’s an HTML5 compliant solution for your specific need.