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Tobias P. Bull (Left), Alexander P. Bull (Right)

A good friend of mine got this cute puppy named Toby. When I met the 6 week-old, I fell in love. I asked – what kind of wonderful dog is this? My friend told me a red-nosed pit bull! I was shocked. How could I love a pit bull?

Well, my friend talked me into getting his brother, Alex. The love affair with the breed ignited and I became connected with the dog rescue community and Ron Burns.

I remember my first rescue – a mange-ridden under-weight female – who now lives in an art gallery. Then there was another – injured so badly and neglected by the shelter – that I had to adopt “Boo Boo” just to have permission to euthanize him out of his misery.

There are many happy endings with wonderful forever homes. Some including rescues from Katrina and Michael Vick’s dogs. I have appeared on Good Day LA with a local rescue group and continue to do what I can.

In the past I had tried to rescue friends in trouble to no avail. I’ve never met a dog that didn’t appreciate being rescued. Yes, it’s filled with emotion and can be expensive – but nothing has ever been more rewarding.  When you are looking for a member of your family, a life-long companion – consider rescue. And always spay or neuter your best friend.

Eddie P. Bull (Nestled) and Bella P. Bull

Eddie P. Bull (Nestled) and Bella P. Bull

I encourage you to visit Ron Burns website for inspiration.  CLICK HERE to visit Alex and Toby’s “Tribute Page”.

To the left are my two most recent rescues. Bella joined Alex about a year before he passed. He gave him a new energy and companionship until the end.

A few months later, Bella was ready for a playmate and, as usual, my phone rang and a litter of blue nose pits had been turned into a kill shelter. Eddie ran up to me and jumped into my arms.

Bella, who was deprived of her litters, took Eddie as her baby. They are inseparable friends.