What Can the Toad do for You?

There are many things that create a synergy within a Company that can deliver success or failure. There are no secrets – it’s how the information is implemented. For example: Give the best pie recipe to a half dozen people. No two pies will be alike. One may be great, some okay and a few may be terrible. The way Companies work is just like that. And that’s where the Toad comes in.

Branding | Product Mix | Marketing

You may be doing well. But are you ahead of the trend? Do you have objectivity about your brand perception – every phase of consumer impression? How about your product mix and anticipating new market channels while phasing out non-performers?

And when it comes down to it – do you stand on top of a hill to let the world know how great you are or do you hope that they know who you are and will figure things on their own?

Corporate Culture

This sounds like a cliché from the 1980’s.  And the phrase is. But if you didn’t know, Visa and Mastercard got “Master the Possibilities” from advanced coaching and still use it. These ideas didn’t come from motivation which wears off in a few days – they were born from transformation. Ideas born from these kinds of revelations have lasting effects.

Are you interested in reducing turnover, reducing costs, improving morale, increasing market share and improving consumer awareness and perception – let’s talk.  Rethinking your corporate culture can affect your bottom line in a very positive ways using proven programs.

Bull Versus Bear – Long Term Success

How good are you at anticipating a bull or bear market? Do you know your industry cycle?  Does your operation incorporate SAP or other advanced tracking technologies? Is your operation scalable to anticipate cyclical trends or glitches in the market?

Knowing these things can help you determine if you need a turnaround strategy to succeed now, grow through any market and position you for possible exit strategies including mergers, public offerings or other options. We can help you with this research and help you integrate it into your business plan.

New Media

The smart phone and PC are yesterdays’ news. Tablets are on the rise. Does your tracking show these trends?  Website design is complex and requires skilled implementation. It must be integrated with social media, SEO and SEM, as well as AdWords and social media ad campaigns. What used to be a job for the CEO’s nephew is no longer true.

Print Is Dead

No, not yet. Depending on your demographic, print is a valuable part of your marketing strategy. Many companies are creating large downloadable brochures while printing abbreviated versions. Ads and media buys are more critical than ever due to a shift in marketing dollars to online budgets. If you have not recalibrated your print strategy – now is the time. With the maturing of the baby-boomers, we are seeing the largest shift in marketing strategies since radio was obviated by television.

Public Relations Today

Gone is the press release that was typed and mailed. Today, your writing must not only deliver your message – but it must coordinate with your SEO and SEM as it contributes significantly to your web presence because of electronic delivery. In a matter of moments you can benefit from the effect of hundreds of valuable back links.

Professional Video | Infomercials and More

Video can not only influence your customer and audience, it can impact your employees’ perception of the company and influence their behavior.

Image is important and having professional video representing your brand is critical. From letterhead, the receptionist, literature, internet and more – this is one more tool that ties all the elements together to deliver a strong unified message.

Producing a quality video requires a good concept and script. From there the quality of production must deliver on the intended vision.  Then whether viewed on a smartphone, tablet or PC, or as an informercial on broadcast television you have the opportunity speak boldly about the benefits of doing business with your company while created a great divide between yourself and the ill-conceived strategies of your completion.