About the Toad

Marketing is not what it was a decade ago, let alone 25 years ago. Back then type was set by hand, negatives were burned, and art directors cut rubylith film. When you launched a campaign, it would often take months to garner results. What did make it easy was a captive audience. People had their favorite magazines, everyone read a newspaper, and there were only three major television networks. It was fairly easy to guess where your audience was looking.

That was then. This is now. And that’s why there is Barking Toad Media.

To create a successful marketing campaign today requires more than a jingle. Good ideas require hard work based on quantitative analysis. Ego can no longer serve creative; and nephews can’t build websites. This is an established and mature marketing medium and requires expertise.

Defining a set of criteria for marketing will determine the direction of your overall campaign. From there, all processes can be structured to deliver the desired results. Often, the program that is launched may not appeal to the client. But does that matter if the target demo loves it and buys your product or service?

And here’s the good news. New Media offers stats in real time with full reporting every 24 hours. So whatever your project…  Barking Toad Media will develop a set of Best Practices to position your company as a leader in your niche.