Social Media

Depending on your target audience, desired reach and market, social media can play a large role in your marketing program.

In the last ten years, we’ve grown from “My Space” to Digg, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Client after client asks about the relevance of 140 character comments on Twitter or photos and posts on Facebook. For the moment, these content additions add to the relevance as seen by Google’s spiders and robots.

Beyond that, by seeking out people within your community you are gaining free advertising for your product or service. And remember, when you reach your community – you are also reaching everyone in their community. In effect – it becomes a giant pyramid scheme.

From a sales point of view, it’s another item for a sales professional to put in their tool box. In this competitive marketplace – every added option increases awareness, opportunities to close and the ability for referrals and having the conversation about price become less of a priority.

Professionally, Linked In is an opportunity to be connected with your peers and share ideas, plant news and teases just like major ad campaigns.

Social Media, at least for today, is a tool that must be part of your arsenal. It will become common place with market saturation – and then we’ll have something new to integrate into the mix. Until then, text and share.