Sales Training

So the sales person tells his boss that he had to sell his widget below cost, but not to worry because to make up for the lost margin, he sold ten of them.

There are a lot of books, tapes and methodologies about sales training. And the only one that works is the one that generates higher closing ratios, a shorter buying cycle, healthy margins, a good reputation and repeat business.

As much as we know men love their RVs, who do you think makes the buying decision? Do your sales professionals know how to sell to women?

In today’s marketplace, is your management aware of the competition, and how the internet can threaten your margin turning your inventory into a commodity?

These are just a few concerns that go into a sales training program. Because besides training to sell, the sales environment has to be healthy to deliver the desired results.

Barking Toad Media believes that there are many aspects to a quality sales training program …

  • Know your Product
  • Shop and Understand Your Competition
  • Understand the “Law of Attraction”
  • Setting Goals
  • The Power of Likeability
  • Understanding Body Language
  • Body Cues
  • The Eye Zone
  • Power Positions
  • Encoding and Decoding Skills
  • Obstacles and Complaints as Opportunities
  • Emotional payoffs
  • Assuming the Sale
  • Using Social Media and Networking
  • Stop Talking

These are but a few of the topics covered in a comprehensive sales training course which includes video recording, playback and role playing. Additional classes should be arranged with factory reps to cover each product category. In the event that this is not possible, Barking Toad Media can show your staff how to utilize tools at their disposal to increase their potential of closing their deals.

With this program, you can expect your staff to increase closing ratios with higher margins.