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RV Buddies provided an unusual challenge. This is the version 3.1 of the original site design. With the baby-boomers coming of age – their comfort with electronic media has impacted the effect of print media in the marketing of recreational vehicles.

RV Buddies was created to provide an online video magazine experience. This had not been attempted before and several problems needed to be overcome.

First, there had to be multiple categories to cater to different interests. But more importantly, the site had to be monetized. So each category had to have its own specific ad placements.

The second major issue was the delivery of video. There are many newcomers trying to create RV television shows and they are using YouTube to deliver video. First, you retain no control of your content using this methodology. Second, you cannot monetize what you cannot control.

Barking Toad Media contracted with the largest video provider to build a custom video player that mirrored the site categories, could be embedded or used as a pop-up, and offered programmable monetization options. These include a :30 second pre-roll commercial with a companion ad, a companion ad during program material, and a leaderboard style footer ad. The video player also features an auto-detect function and adjusts quality based on the users connection.

RV Buddies has developed brand recognition, industry loyalty and customer recognition throughout the United States. It is also viewed in over 50 countries world-wide.

This platform has an engaging graphic look with simple functionality, with superb coding for SEO/SEM, and an exceptional video experience.

RV Buddies specific demands require a site server with cloud computing hosting images for faster page-loading and a dedicated video server. The site is also mobile friendly either in text or full web versions. The video player is currently being updated to the new HTML5 standard to support iPhone and iPad.

Services Provided

  • Art Direction
  • Creative
  • Branding
  • Management Consultation
  • SEO / SEM
  • AdWords
  • Site Analytics and Metrics Analysis
  • Public Relations
  • Best Practices
  • Social Media
  • Video Production
  • Custom Video Player with Pre-Roll