About RV Buddies

RV Buddies is an online video magazine created by marketing professionals who have a passion for the RV industry and have chosen to apply our expertise to this area.

We choose to create strategic marketing alliances with our client-partners. Our goal is to compliment your marketing program, goals and objectives with long-term branding and custom-designed marketing programs.

RV Buddies began as a concept in March 2008. Since then, the program is available on iTunes, the internet and all mobile platforms – Android, Blackberry and iPhone. Furthermore, RV Buddies is built with advanced platform architecture optimized for exposure to all social media platforms including the Apple iPad.

Here’s how we are different. We are an online video magazine – not a blog or typical RV industry website. We intentionally target the consumer. RV Buddies covers positive news. While we will post a recall when appropriate – we don’t talk about murder, fires etc … RV Buddies has made a conscious choice to present a gentler image akin to the non-reality of the 1950’s, aka Lucille Ball in “The Big, Big Trailer”. In RV Buddies, there are never double entendres or anything that might be offensive. We are “G” rated and will remain that way. There will NEVER be a blooper real with bad language.

RV Buddies is also the ONLY website in the RV industry to produce professional, broadcast quality HDTV video content. We are on the Akamai network and have a third generation custom video player that allows for pre-roll commercials and companion ads. When someone views a video, our system automatically detects their connection speed and delivers one of three streams so that their experience is perfect for them.

RV Buddies has also adopted “Cloud” server capability to increase delivery speeds to viewers in their local markets. Our servers are also scalable to address any traffic flow – expected, and unexpected.