Robin Thicke’s Love Triangle Disaster – A Three-Way Relationship Destroyed His Marriage To Paula Patton

Robin Thicke’s Love Triangle Disaster – A Three-Way Relationship Destroyed His Marriage To Paula Patton

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From the time Paula Patton and Robin Thicke announced their separation in February, he’s got managed to make it amply clear that the split had been her idea, not their and even though the Blurred Lines singer happens to be begging for forgiveness from his spouse of eight years a report that is exclusive celebrity Magazine reveals the true cause of their breakup.

Though rumors of cheating have actually dogged Robin for all months, Paula’s reason that is exact dumping him has remained a secret… as yet. And, as celebrity mag can expose, although Robin has indeed had flings along with other women, there clearly was one ongoing event that upset Paula a great deal, she could never forgive him — mainly because she have been a part of the “other woman” as well.

For around 2 yrs, Paula and Robin was in fact carrying on a consensual relationship that is three-way a therapeutic massage specialist. However it all took a turn that is disastrous summer, when Paula discovered — into the worst possible way — that the masseuse (who celebrity will not name and can call “Jasmine”) and Robin had been holding on a separate event behind her back. An insider who passed a polygraph test claims that Paula wandered in in the masseuse and Robin and literally caught him along with his jeans down.

“Paula felt betrayed and humiliated by both Robin and Jasmine,” explains the insider.

“These had been a couple she thought she could trust the absolute most, but in the long run everything backfired on her behalf.”

In the beginning, Robin attempted to act as though his extracurricular event with Jasmine ended up being no deal that is big. He couldn’t realize why Paula ended up being upset, the foundation states, since she’d been fooling around with Jasmine too.

That reaction angered Paula a lot more. “Robin forced Paula to allow Jasmine into the room together with them to be able to spice up their sex life, and she reluctantly agreed so that they can keep him happy,” the source describes.

Paula banned Jasmine from their property. But although she tried to place the incident behind her as being a one-time fling, Paula’s suspicions gnawed at her so it was in fact taking place for some time.

People began referring to Robin and Jasmine back, whenever Paula ended up lds singles being away in Miami filming a film celebrity reported. Though absolutely absolutely nothing had been stated, those around them noticed the chemistry between Robin and Jasmine. “Paula ended up being accepting of her, but lots of people believed that Jasmine wasn’t to be trusted,” the origin states. “Even she would go to Robin whenever Paula wasn’t around. after she had been prohibited,”

Thicke’s reps have categorically rejected the assertions about Jasmine.

To get more exclusive information on the key information on the true cause of Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s split grab the issue that is latest of celebrity mag on newsstands Thursday.

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