Website Implementation

First rule. Don’t let your nephew or whomever create a website for you because they say they are good with their computer.

Creating a website today demands more than building a decent looking page. This is what we refer to as the GUI – graphic user interface. To create a proper website, a proper scope of work accessing the client need needs to determine the site architecture and all the technical aspects of the web property.

Short and long-term objectives need to be considered. If the site is to be database driven – it needs to be transportable to future designs.

Website implementation is also more than just building the site. Being search engine friendly needs to be engineered in from the very beginning. Without a design company that understands the value of SEO and social networking, you will be out of luck when you launch.

Your site should also be scalable to handle any traffic flow. If you should have some major news release – your traffic could grow by 100 fold. A traditional site isn’t designed to be scalable. Today, cloud computing and scalability improve the user experience.

Finally, if you need to integrate video, there are many options that will make you look professional and not have to display a “YouTube” logo on your page. See the video integration tab for more information on that.

The demand on website implementation today is much more than creating a pretty page – although that is a part of it. It includes best practices, meets current web standards, is SEO compatible, has high level page naming conventions – to name a few.

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