SEO / AdWords

“A man you represents himself in court has a fool for a client.” The same is true today in the world of SEO / SEM and AdWords. In the earlier days of the web, you could hide words in white type, repeat keywords hundreds of times in hidden code and many other things and get away with it.

As Google’s algorithms have improved – none of these tactics work. Attempting them is considered “black hat” and will get you de-listed from the search engines.

Today understanding SEO and SEM is like mastering the IRS tax code. It’s become that much an area of specialization. And with Google updating its’ search engine quarterly, and sometimes by surprise – achieving your goal is like hitting a moving target.

That’s where Barking Toad Media comes in. We license software that analyzes a website against comparable sites, and selects keywords and phrases that are meaningful. From there, metadata can be created of relevance for maximum indexing and search results. Additionally, as part of the program, site content needs to be optimized along with page naming conventions and other best practices.

Upon implementation, an AdWord program is activated. Over the first 30 days results are monitored closely and then fine-tuned. After that, 90-day reviews are recommended. As part of the program, the content creator is trained in writing SEO relevant copy so that the client site continues to grow in index relevance.

For more information on a custom program for your web property, contact Barking Toad Media.