Public Relations

Old school public relations was very formatted, had no editorial content, and had to be accepted by an editor for publication. That was then and this is now.

With millions of media outlets, PR has become an editorial opportunity. Properly written, thousands of outlets automatically publish your content without changing as much as one word or linking URL.

So what does that mean to you? Now you can create content that will propogate widely on the internet creating crucial backlinks to your website.

In the process of writing your “press release”, you will keep in mind your site name, description, desired keywords and key phrases. It should include URLs and any other pertinent information that will point back to you.

Today, a news release is more than a document sharing an update on the status of your company, it’s an opportunity to improve your search engine ranking, site indexing and ability for your prospective clients and partners to find you in searches.

For more information on the various levels of releases available contact Barking Toad Media.